Lonely Rolling Star into Season 2

January 8, 2017

Casey Moore, Host


Hey there.  Noticed you were…



Season 2 of Respawn Lounge is starting this coming week.  Dan and I are in the process of getting schedules and uploads taken care of ahead of time, and we’ll be recording in the next few days.  In the mean time, I’m streaming Pokemon Prism at my whimsy, which I’ll post about to our social media shortly before going live – Reva will likely join me more often than not for that.

The three of us return to school this week as well, but it shouldn’t affect our online presence, and certainly not our upload schedule.  We’ll be recording in advance to avoid such issues from now on.  I don’t expect to have any trouble maintaining this blog between Reva and myself, either.  Dan and myself graduate this May, which presumably will lend us even more time to optimize the show, or at least suggest for a less varied schedule for us – homework and the like.

I edited the home page as soon as I found out but I’ll post it here too: we were unable to get episodes uploaded to iTunes or SoundCloud.  I’m really sorry about that, and I still want to, but to put it bluntly I didn’t know what I was getting into.  It should have been obvious, but there are hosting fees, especially with such large files as our episodes end up being.  Even if we compressed them, it wouldn’t be anywhere near enough, so in the interest of punctuality we’re just going to continue using YouTube as always until I figure something else out.

Full disclosure, it would cost at least (but likely more than) $9 a month in order to host all of our episodes, past and future.  That’s a small amount, but it’s also more than $100 per year and frankly, we don’t have that large of a listener-base for me to justify continuing fees, especially when they’d be ephemeral.  Should the podcast come to an end, I wouldn’t want to spend that much to archive those episodes, but I would want them to be available to the public, even after it stops being my focus.  At the moment, YouTube is the only outlet I’m aware of that allows for such a thing.

We don’t monetize in the slightest on this podcast, but if we did I would use that to cover hosting fees first and foremost.  If I didn’t think I were being too bold I would consider a Patreon, but I think that’s asking too much for the time being.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to trump the struggles of starting a project from scratch with no names to tie it to and get a larger listener-base, then I’ll consider it.  Maybe this podcast will make me famous and I can have blogs write think pieces about why millennials are obsessed with me or something.

I’ll save the rest for the next episode, which will go up on January 12th.  Till next time.

See you, Space Cowboy.


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